I'd like to hear from developers which prefers Angular to React the reason of said preference.
I want to hear that becasue I like React way more than Angular since I find which is easier to learn (making a form with a React hook is easy while it takes days just to get a grip on Angular forms), it usually takes less code to do things, it doesn't force libraries which may not be necessary for your use case and just makes your bundle bigger (for example most things which are done in NgRx can be done just as easily with regular JS promises without the need of an external tool) and I generally prefer functional programming to OOP.
Said that I want to hear the other side, not to argue but because I want to know cases in which Angular may be a better choice than React to become a better rounded dev.

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    Bear in mind I'm no frontend dev and I last touched these *many years* ago - but I preferred Angular purely because, stylistically, it just felt too weird to me to be writing what amounted to inline HTML in JS functions. Seemed to be mixing the markup & logic way too much for my liking, and that just confused my old brain. Angular just had a model that my brain understood better.

    I also generally prefer functional to OO though, so I'm not sure that's necessarily a correlation.
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    @AlmondSauce Thank you very much for your answer, I never tought about it but effectively the separation between the logic and the markup and having the markup written in almost standard HTML files may be a factor for many
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    I enjoy how opinionated angular is. There's a right and proper way to do things. I don't like how fragmented the react ecosystem is.
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    @spongessuck Thank you for your feedback, personally I like the fact which React offers multiple solutions for any problem but I get your point of view
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    I prefer angular maintenance. Specifically because most of what would be a lib in React is built into Angular. So there is a clear update path between versions. React has a ton of mismatched libraries so it becomes very hard to update the project all in one go.
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    I prefer Angular because most of the times there is 'standardized way of doing things' instead of multiple ways of doing things which make easier for me whenever I encounter problems.
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    I’ve been working both with Ng and React. I don’t have a marked preference for either one.
    I like how a project is more formally structured in Ng but I feel like things are too verbose (like @output event emitters, @inputs, modules with imports and exports, providers, decorators etc.). The syntax used in html templates can be ugly and inspecting the dom in your browser with all the additional tags that Angular adds under the hood is tedious. I do however love the power of angular forms or the easy-to-use ngModel two-way binding you can implement for simple inputs.
    React on the other hand feels more “lightweight” in terms of syntax (especially with hooks). JS disguised in HTML is fun to play with and offers much more flexibility. Problem is you can end up with very ugly code bases because of that flexibility.
    React is best for people who already have excellent coding practices.
    Not to say Ng is only for beginners/juniors as it remains the go-to framework for many seasoned devs.
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    i like angular because it is very structured by nature. each page and module is separated by the directories and they have their own code, html and sass files, so it's really easy to navigate the project.
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    I’ve not done a lot of React but once the novelty wore off I went back to preferring Angular.
    I like the docs for it and I like that Typescript is the default (I don’t know if React is like this now, it wasn’t at the time).
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    Is react a full fledged framework now? Back in the day you had to provide your own routing mechanisms and a bunch of other stuff. If that's the case I think it's not actually that comparable to angular apart from preference.
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