I just set up pi-hole for my network, yay

I have another (older) raspberry pi laying around, any ideas what I could do with it?

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    Smart mirror to display the Album cover of the song you are playing?

    That one thing I want to do, if I had that the technical skills and infra.
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    All sorts of things. I have a couple Pis running now, one with OpenMediaVault that I'm using as a NAS (which is also running Portainer, Pi-Hole, and a bunch of other containers) and another with RetroPie that I use as a retro game console.
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    @EmberQuill +1 for retropie. Great fun.
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    Setup Home Assistant and automate the hell out of your home.
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    @Jugnu any help as to ideas? I take it you need a bunch of smart home devices to make use of it? What if all we have is 0 of those lmao
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