Manager: I want the front ends to be more dumb, too much logic is happening on the frontend.

Me: both of the sites are just multi step forms, I’m confused about the complexity part.

Manager: yea but don’t we have a bunch of third party api calls?

Me: we have 4 and they are public facing apis.

Manager: yea, make a new api and move this api calls to the backend and I want both frontend teams to send the same shape payload.

Me: but…

Manager: oh and I don’t like how the business team does the a/b testing and splitting traffic, let’s move that to the backend as well.

Me: but… that a/b testing platform they use in ran by another team and they have a full set of features for business analytics…

Manager: yea let’s just replicate those features and move them to the backend.

Me: but it’s a product!

Manager: look! You are the best backend engineer we got! I know you can do this!

Me: I lead the frontend teams…

Manager: ….

Manger: good news we are giving you a promotion with raise you are now a senior engineer.

Me: I confused but happy… I think..

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    Shit just got real!
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    Surprise buttfuck!

    Ahem, we mean, Surprise Promotion!
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    Your manager sounds smart to centralise logic
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    That post was a ride. Damnn!!

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    @SoldierOfCode yea that’s how I’m feeling!
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    when the manager said "Good news!", I hoped the next sentence he says will be "I got fired!"
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    As a backend engineer, I agree.

    Frontends need to be like porn actors: easy to use, dumb and pretty.

    The alternative is building not just a smart frontend, but also a smart iOS app, smart Android app, smart adapters to large client systems, etc.

    By centralizing all the logic on the backend servers, you make sure you only have to build it once.
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    Seen a worse plot in a porn some years ago.

    Grats though.
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    Hahaha says a lot about the backend teams (you are now also responsible for). Because this manager clearly knows what (s)he's talking about...
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