There’s immense power in being perceptive to what your business prioritizes for the rank and file versus what the business prioritizes for *itself*.

Like for example pushing to get individual performance reviews done with an exceeding pressure of a certain drop dead date while suddenly but simultaneously relaxing of any similar immediacy of completing management reviews.


Talk amongst yourselves.

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    I should add, I’m not necessarily surprised to see this.

    But at the same time, I am always amused to watch it happen in real time, the conversations that get brought up when people notice it, and the inevitable boots falling down the stairs (if you know the idiom you get an ice cream sandwich) when someone finally braves up and calls it out at the all-hands meeting.
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    Wow, upper management being self-serving fucks and protecting their own? Who would have thought.

    They’re practically useless for anything other than that corruption and talking. And writing emails. But they’re so good at phrasing it in a way that makes them sound enlightened and ever so hard working, and like they really care about you because you’re family, so long as you put in those endless hours of hard technical labor for a fraction of their salary.

    But the company really cares so much about you. HR says so.
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    where i work, our boss does cater to the higher ups and some random shit they expect us to do instead of actual good work, but that also protects us. they care about what they can see, and our boss knows. every now and then shit hits the fan and we have to clean the mess, but upper management doesn't care about that 🤷
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