Since the 3rd day, I have been telling y'all but none of you listened to me.

I kept repeating that I am the dumbest person I know. Why didn't you believe me when I said it?

Remember, Booking feedback? They sent me another official rejection with additional feedback. Mind blown.

That feedback really helped me understand what was going wrong. And now today in an interview, I was asked a question and the interviewer said, "I am looking for a specific details like xyz for why you should be a Sr PM".

That's when it clicked me, that I have done stuff and I know things. It's just that I didn't understand the question and wasn't able to articulate and communicate well.

My dumbass just needs constant feedback to learn. How much I love feedback more than ever.

The feedback cycle is interesting too. When I was new, I hated it. Then started to realise the value of it.

Then it did felt bad in the very instance whenever I got one, but quickly I used to incorporate the changes.

And now, I am crave and desperately seek feedback. It only helps me improve.

Funnily, everyone gave inputs when I didn't want it. And now when I am hunting for it, no one is giving inputs. This is how life is.

Nonetheless, I am pretty impressed with Booking. Good people, nice vibes, and kickass culture for sure.

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    I mean, if you really want to think that you are dumb, I don't think I have the right to stop you, but I don't think this type of thinking will get you far, so be warned. One can improve self and become better without the constant nagging of "I'm dumb".
    A self destructive mentality is a door to self pity. And self pity is a door indifference. And if you become indifferent you stop working on yourself and start succumbing to your demons and weakness, letting them multiply.
    The decision is yours to make. Best of luck.
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    @SoldierOfCode no, you got me wrong. I am not doing a negative self talk.

    Rather I am highlighting the fact that I have good enough potential which I can unlock and achieve my goals and self awareness will do the job.
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    Any place that gives you feedback is really nice to have these days. Bit of a rarity.
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    @theKarlisK indeed. Learning from mistakes help.
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