One of my seniors is leaving the team. Honestly, I did not talk about personal stuff with him but during this lockdown, he was the only one whom I talked to this much. My most projects are with him, so in the team I kind of only know him. And now he is leaving, I feel so heavy.

I was anyway feeling no interest in my work, and now this, I really don't want to work at all. I don't want to be in this team, really without his guidance I can't do good. And this reminds me now I don't have anyone in the team to guide me. It's the same feeling as you get old and now no one to support you and you need to support yourself and slowly others. It's frightening.

On a good note, I hope things will turn out to be good for him, he's a nice person after all :) Everyone respected him, and he was trusted so much.

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    Crush or?
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    @aviophile no man but I respected him a lot.
    Like I said he was polite and kind, I have always struggled to jave these qualities in me, always wanted to but it felt like that I'll be seen as weak. But when I saw him, it made a lot sense to have these qualities and still be assertive. I think I was inspired.
    Crush no. He is married.
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