My first dev job was the worst! The woman in charge of the building was always on my ass! She didn't really understand what programming was and didn't like that I smoked in my office... Then I moved out of my mom's house and got my own place

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    How many years into the job did you start smoking? Also - what was you dev stack?
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    "We need a website in 5 minutes. Start programming, and do it quickly. And, this time, only use one language. That whole 2 or 3 language thing is inefficient."
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    @Re-cursing I started smoking pretty early on (even before I turned 18) and I like to consider myself a full stack dev. I work by myself on phone applications but I've done web programming in the past
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    You had your own office with your first dev job... oh I get it, I get jokes.
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    @juniordev It's alright man, we weren't all born with RGB ram sticks in our computer
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    Smoking in a building is like peeing against an electric wire...
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    @Divisionbyzero Well I mean my office was actually just the garage which I turned into an office
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    @GlipGlop smoking in garage is fully acceptable. ;-)
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