Brazilian health ministry got a ransomware attack this night.

Why? Not because every city is demanding you to show you're vaccinated in order to go somewhere. Because you have to show it using a 20+ year old system.

Don't get me wrong the UI is nice.
But the servers...

Well, at least I have a document where my shots are registered.

And good luck to us living in this country, where we're known for gorgeous cities (people too) but also for a government that earns 200k+ while working 2 days a week and can employee 40+ people for sitting there and do no fucking shit.

No wonder if you get bad news from here every now and then, it's all true.
The ministries are dumb.
The president is dumb.

And worst. People too.

People don't care. Because they don't know they are part of 94% of more than 200 MILLION that earns minimum wage and strive to live bc the country BUYS things that we ALREADY PRODUCE and have to put a tax to every product to compensate them paying 5x times more to buy in dollars.

At least I'm not depending on this sucker of government, never cared about it.
You guys deserve to collapse and become poor again

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    the government hires the cheapest third party to handle their tech. it's a miracle stuff like this doesn't happen on a daily basis
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    And here I am trying to get out of here, at least the beach is 15 minutes from my house
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    @rittmann time to work overseas and get paid in dollars so we can get out of this place
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    I will copy-paste this and change all occurrence of Brazil and Brazilian into Philippines and Filipinos respectively.
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    Govs like in Brasil don't hire programmers..
    They hire the son or friend of someone
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