A few weeks into my first dev job, the owner of the company sent out an email directing that we were no longer allowed to use open source software in our web projects.

I didn't stay there very long.

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    strange, why? 😧
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    I think because version updates weren't managed properly and things would break. The ban was never really enforced but the owner was still pretty difficult to work with.
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    I can understand why he'd prohibit GPL licensed projects, but open-source in general... I just don't see the point
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    Good luck building a tech stack (or toolchain) that doesn't use any open source components.
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    @Ashkin how would you connect to the internet? Ssl curl are all open source right?
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    @matsaki95 this sounds exactly what a non technical person would understand.
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    Does he uses a framework?
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    That company definitely used open source software (as @Ashkin pointed out, it's kinda impossible not to with the web). They were a fan of rebuilding everything on their own (poorly). For instance, they built their own CMS, email marketing platform, blog platform... It was a mess.
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