Building a website for a lawyers association. Never. Again.

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    Was there, same.

    My paycheck was being postponed countless times and it was getting less and less.
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    The trick is to throw it together in Wordpress and teach the youngest lawyer who is trying to rise up how to edit their own site.
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    @heyjoe1984 The trick is charging $200/hour for consultancy, and not signing any agreements.
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    @bittersweet lol šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚
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    @bittersweet Honestly, if I ever did do another lawyer's site, I'd find out the highest rate they charge for anything and add 50% to that for my hourly.
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    What's the drama?
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    @johnmelodyme This was 5 years ago or more. It just scope-creeped out of control and I ended up breaking even without even being able to launch a solution for them. All because the client deliberately and knowingly ignored my recommendation to go with off-the-shelf solutions vs. totally custom, especially after a 3rd party financial data partner's test and live systems would not sync correctly (which they denied) so there was no way to prove that anything would work correctly on the live site.
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    @stackodev since the data is not sync, did they sue by any chance or blame you ?
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    @johnmelodyme The data was fine. The code was the problem.
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