The day I realised There is an AngularJS before Angular 2

In our t ch stack, we have multiple components, most of them are backend, but 2 of them are fronnt end.

The first one is a straight Angular 4 application, and it has the normal angular structure, a ts file, a css file, a js file.

The other component, has a very weird structure I don't understand to this day.

It has a mix of js and html files, sometimes one inside another.

The js file has some "angular.core.shit" and I thought it should be Angular, but nothing in it resembles any angular project.

After much confusion, I finally came across an AngularJS website which is supposed to be deprecated last year.

Then I came to know of the story of Google taking ove rAngular and releasing Angular 2.

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    Google fucked up big time with angular. They released angularjs first which was more like react. Then they released angular 2.

    They made angular 2 basically ungooglable for early adopters. Angular 4 rolled out as the first major version of Angular. So there are two technologies from Google called Angular. One is JS and the other is TS.
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