I knew this guy was pure evil.
Deployment on friday night !
And that too before Christmas.
Thank god Santa doesnt use Tesla

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    It's a guideline not a rule. Please timeout your security updates any day/hour.

    We release plenty of stuff on Friday. But nothing that confuses users or can have an impact that cannot be fully tested.
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    I'm surprised they didn't just send off some crappy software.
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    bad bad move...

    you can go ahead and give discount on christmas.

    but you shouldn't release software. if bugs are found, you are taking away your employee's holiday.
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    @hjk101 I agree with you. But what if you are out celebrating Christmas at the bar and after update your tesla refuses to start, Would you have a merry Christmas ?
    My point is you cant be 100% sure that everything will work fine, even if the affected people are 0.01%, That would be atleast 10 families having a bad Christmas, which is a lot.
    It may be a guideline for non-critical services but for critical ones, i do not agree.
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    @coldfire That is exactly what I mean with the impact part. If it's just an addition to the entertainment stuff the worst that can happen is that there is no entertainment. Nothing crucial. I know that Tesla is one of the few companies that actually seperated the components properly and connects them lightly trough a gateway.
    By no means should users be stranded.
    I think it can be done but if they fuck it up yeah this is going to get some great memes. Either way is a win for me as I have a stupid car :>)
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