My boss is technically restricted shall we say.

As the cto I have also been designated office IT guy. Which means apparently fixing the printer. Which is ok I guess. I mean it's bullsh*t but hey.

Anyway, about 6 months ago he said he needed a new laptop. He lives his life in excel and outlook, and even though the whole company uses google docs for everything he still exports everything to excel, makes a copy, then saves it back to drive so everything gets out of sync.

It's a fun problem that I have banned everyone from doing obviously but he continues.

Anyway, anyway, he wanted a new windows laptop naturally. I said to spend about £700 on a decent machine rather than buying something cheap that will frustrate and not last long.

He doesn't listen and gets some old windows 7 machine for £300. It's an alright spec for 2009; he must not have got the memo about it being 2017.

4 months go by and he says he needs a new laptop because this one is too slow (not least because he opens 400 chrome tabs and never reboots his machine). Anyway, I fix the problem of uninstalling all his bloatware and it runs quicker but he has his heart set on a new machine.

He insists.

I suggest he spend the money this time so he literally doesn't buy a new one in 4 months. I suggest the surface book that's £1200. A little overpriced but he will love the touch screen, it's powerful enough and it's windows. Ticks all the boxes for him.

He suddenly decides he wants a Mac.

I tell him it will be a nightmare for everyone if he does that.

He insists.

I suggest the Mac book pro as I've had mine for 6 years now and it's still going strong. It's a little more expensive than the surface but it will last.

He then says he wants the air.

I say they haven't updated them in ages and they aren't actually that powerful.

He insists.

That night he just buys an air from the Apple Store.


Was very close to rage quitting when he wanted me to back up his old machine but didn't bring in his hard drive and didn't want to put it in the cloud. #whatDoYouWantMeToDoWithYourOldPornCollection

To top it all off I ran some benchmarks and my 6 year old Mac book pro is more powerful than his "brand new" air.

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    400 chrome tabs? 😰
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    What an asshat. I have someone where I work who insisted on downloading a communal Google sheet so that he could work on it in Excel, then changed a bunch of the columns around so I had to merge it manually. You have my sympathy!
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    @amahlaka and here i though i could not find any fellow weebs on DevRant, god bless the internet :D

    Oh and Rem is overrated af, Beatrice is clearly the best character ;P
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    @Elendil the only Beatrice I tolerate is the Golden Witch
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    You guys are awesome =D
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    @amahlaka Rem is best girl.
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    Pft, weeb checking in

    Puck is the bomb

    Case closed
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    @Insidious Felix is best boy girl.
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    I had an 8gb, i7,500gb Macbook Air, i loved it.

    It was a work computer, I guess some companies can get custom airs.
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    You all just don't have any taste. The best girl is obviously betelgeuse.
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    In the next he wants some advice just agreed whatever option his make and watch his suffering laughing
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    I have got an HP 8560W bought some months ago, it is 5 years old, still faster than my main computer.

    i7 quadcore (8 Threads)
    Quadro 2000M
    16 GB RAM (max 32GB)
    SSD, second HDD

    Fast as hell but also power consuming (under stress and while charging about 150 watts)
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    @rebelt2i you can change your 🔋 and it will looks like new.

    For the better experience you could put a manjaro linux distro and use all the machine potential.
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    I remember when I used to have Ca. 500 Firefox tabs open... Casually.

    Ah yeah, on main topic, I was always the guy explaining Iphones to their users in my family.

    My grandmother can use her iPhone more efficiently then my parents, also she has an ipad and a laptop, she is 86 years old
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    @messhias I am prefering to use Windows 7 or Debian
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    @rebelt2i for now i'm using some distro linux, now i'm using ubuntu 16.04 LTS, but i'm testing manjaro.
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    @amahlaka Ahahahahhs Ram ;D Best re:zero jokes is Rem Riding a Subaru with Ram,
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    Sounds like he does the opposite of what you say so next time tell him to buy the mac...
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    2 weeks in an he mentions that he's only 50% productive because of this new laptop.
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    He seems like an alright guy.
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    Sounds exactly... like literally exactly like my boss.
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    @dezzymei sure... you can call me Dave haha.
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