Deep learning is probably (????) the only research branch where every successful paper title needs to be a stupid acronym or meme

I work in a conversational AI startup and the new intern that joined yesterday didn't understand half the memes or acronyms (especially all the Simpsons related) because apparently he's "Gen Z" and all the paper title is "Millennial" humour

He's only 2 years younger than me. Am I literally at the millennial - GenZ border ? Or the intern is out of touch ?

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    Back in my days, knowing every Monty Python movie and sketch was a mandatory requirement for every dev. The cultural decay from there to the Simpsons is so typical of everything Millennials touched.
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    He just didn't watch the simpsons or doesn't like the memes.

    Trying to pass it off as this imaginary divide between Gen-Z and Millenials as if they were 2 different species is just a cop-out. imho
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    @nitnip Yeah, I think I'm overthinking too. Had he not brought up the "generation" thing, I think I would've been fine but now I'm in a bit of existential crisis. Hope next 8 weeks go well
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    Not wasting your youth watching tv style indoctrination is not a personality flaw.

    I was shocked when my younger coworkers didn't know anything about Star Trek.
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    @Demolishun Then again, you can't really blame them for that one. Science fiction usually tells a lot about its present, and Star Trek is no exception. The structural problem is that Star Trek's future doesn't really tie into our present anymore. It's future visions of a bygone era.
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    @Fast-Nop this phenomenon is not so much about decay as it is about overload.
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    @Midnight-shcode Simpsons instead of Monty Python as stuff geeks care about is still a massive step downwards in taste. Any disagweeing wascal be thwown to the floor!
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