Idea for devRant for April 1st:
User opens devRant. Greeted with the message: "devRant has changed the UI to make it more suitable for developers. From now on, the complete devRant interface is going to be command line. Read the man pages to get started."
User greeted with:
$devRantUser >

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    Cool idea. I also like the command line option 😀
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    I love this
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    If so, I want everyday to be April 1st.
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    No real effect for me.... Though the API returning {error: "Not Allowed Anymore" } would be....
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    That'll be f****** awesome! Lol
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    @daemonAD cuz it'll probably scare away users and that's not good?

    For one years April Fools prank the site I used to stream anime pretended to be down... Didn't know it was a prank so I found another one.
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    $devRantUser > go north
    It is dark here. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

    $devRantUser >
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    Or scare the shit out of everyone by introducing 'devRant' stories for one day 😅
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    @linuxxx Lel. Might backfire and users might actually quit.
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    @linuxxx that could actually be a great thing. Just not with random photos but with stories. As in:
    09:20 fuck I am late. Great start.
    10:00 fuck this shit, the WiFi is down.
    10:25 WiFi is back but someone fucked up the repo.
    15:00 God this meeting lasts forever
    17:00 what a great day. I did nothing productive and am still tired as fuck.
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    Sounds great for cli freak like me xD
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    That would be the only case where the April's fool will fall on April the 2nd, when everything would switch back to normal
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