So, after reading a post I started wondering...
Would you prefer to work in a toxic environment but have a good salary or work in a good environment for minimum wage?

I'm in the second position right now.

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    the second option is best
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    Neither, because they're both shit options.
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    Definitely second if those were the only two options. I wouldn’t want to work in a toxic environment for any prolonged time for any amount of money…
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    Pfff, money is money baby
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    the 2d option is lil better
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    I would pick the first option if I could... I'm used to jerk people and troglodites, but since the 2000s that most companies in my country only pay minimum wages....
    Wasted time, 3 formations, 3 years invested... And I could be cleaning bathrooms for the same money, and no responsabilities
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    I’m working in the former.
    Good pay, but I hate every minute of it.

    On the bright side, it allowed me to move and buy a house, and put money towards investments every month. If I can keep working here for a few years, and if the economy keeps getting worse as we expect it to, we should be good enough financially that I may never have to work again.

    The spread between the increasing value of various cryptocurrencies, and a severely devalued USD. Though ofc they’re going to try taxing crypto at like 75%…

    Taxation is theft.
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    Give me the min wage every time. Toxic environments will change you for the worse, believe me.
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    They are the same. If you love what you do and you get paid shit for it, it’s just a question of time before the hype goes away and questions about why you are paid so little arise.
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    2nd option is best
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