this person deserves an award

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    He is soo right. Took me a divorce and a few precious years of my life to understand this.
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    Not quite. I'd say "your life first".

    It's YOUR life, not you family's. When your time's up, it's YOU who dies, it's YOU who ran out of time to do things you wanted - not your family.

    If your family is of high importance in your life - then yes, family first, compared to less important things.

    Ride YOUR ride. Enjoy YOUR life. You've only been given one.
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    @netikras completely agree my dude. Thank you for the added informations 🤗
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    “Wait, is this related to that crazy text exchange I saw on Twitter yesterday? OMG IT IS” Can’t believe his boss called his wife AND HIS FATHER because he wasn’t answering his phone. After resigning.
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    Well done.
    Does he know what happened after?
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    This might even be real. Managers in general seem to lack any empathy and common sense - a really dangerous combination for any company...
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    @ars1 Here’s the Twitter thread I saw about it (since it looks like the Reddit posts have been deleted but screenshots are forever — or something 😅): https://twitter.com/tiffmc1013/...
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    @AmyShackles public service, thank you for the link 💕
    i was too lazy to put it all here

    the guy was hired by the clients to finish the job cause the company couldn't deliver
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    This year I learned loyalty in the wrong places costs more than it's worth. I've gone through a 57% payrise for my role (Same skillset, same tech stack, same experience level), garunteed remote and more benefits by jumping ship and getting a role at a different company (Previous was a massive mega corp).

    The real nail in the coffin was my prior employer couldn't even give me the decency of a counteroffer.

    Fuck staying at a mega corp for 5+ years.

    2022 is the year I wipe the slate clean, refine my learning and to grow even more.
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    @Vagabond I'm joining a big company next year, and as an intern i saw them hustle, a lot. I'm raising fists if anyone comes up to me with that shit, no fucks for promotions, it's not like they pick the IT for that anyway 🙄
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    @AmyShackles sweet sweet schadenfreude
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    @Vagabond I'm in the same boat, just got a 33% payrise for moving jobs & I now have more development opportunities + they're using some pretty cool tech that I wanted to get into.
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    @gevan it's funny just how much money and time is wasted because companies can't be assed to treat their programmers better, to the point that they leave after 2 years.
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    Agreed. But in addition, fuck the bosses that do this. Spineless, arrogant, bottom-feeding cunts. To hell with them all.
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    @darksideofyay where did you hear the guy got hired by the clients?
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    @YADU there was an update on the reddit post
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