College is no place to chill and be laid back as shown in movies. The reality is that it is more challenging than school with peer pressure being no stranger to us.
Being a newbie in the tech domain, and being a girl, I felt the gender gap and the intimidation newbies like me go through when we see legit programmers who flaunt their skills and make it obvious that they exactly know what they are doing.
But along with all this ranting, for all the newbies out there, remember that this phase too shall pass and its not as scary as it seems (I kept convincing myself).
Always start with something easy and take baby steps, one good coding language to start with would be python, as it is more understandable and less intimidating and complex-looking than languages like C and C++.
I still struggle, but there are times when it gave me great joy like the time I developed an app with Flutter or when I managed to grab a free tee from hacktoberfest 2019.
Stay home and Stay safe buddy ;)
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    Yeah, the way it's portrayed in TV is idiotic. Though I still think it's better than every previous school I attended. Some subjects were pretty easy, others were new and hard, but overall I think it got easier over time anyway xD

    good luck!
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    The one characteristic of college that is accurately portrayed is that classes teach fuck all and any progress you hope to make you'll have to research yourself.
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    "My entire college experience has been in the midst of a global pandemic, there aren't as many parties as the movies make out"

    So uhhhh.... We had different experiences...
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    @atheist Haha, the college near where I live had covid parties. They all wanted to get antibodies so they could sell plasma for big bucks. Some of those college kids were getting 1200 a month from that.
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    @Hazarth Happy to hear that you like your current school better! Our perspective of the place we go to study really does have an impact on our academics and interests, Wishing you all the joy and luck in life (and academics ;) ),

    Take care, be safe and stay happy
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    @atheist I feel you buddy, we hardly had one year of college, and then came Covid, but the good part is it seems like everything is going back to normal, and classes have resumed for all colleges and most schools here

    Everything gets better with time, stay safe and happy buddy :)
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    @Demolishun some people sure know how to make money :D
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    @rehash there has be an misunderstanding :D im already out of school, I have a masters degree already xD I just enoyed Uni a lot more than high school and I liked that one more than elementary.

    Eitherway, good luck!
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