I have 69 followers on GitHub. You could say I'm kind of a big deal.

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    Easy. I have 420. ;)
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    You know, I'm kind of an open-source contributor myself.
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    Cool! I have zero, but I started to take this thing seriously like 3 months ago.
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    What do followers even signify? I know why one would star or watch a repo, but why a person?
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    @lbfalvy I assume it is because they got hooked on the ideas/projects the person came up with, and would like to see what they do next :)
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    @doa4aod Since I wrote this I created around 10 NPM packages just by building solutions and extracting recurring primitives so I'm starting to see.
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    @lorentz whoa, I'm fucking proud of you my man. Keep up the good work
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