need more experience for good entry-level jobs, need a good entry-level job for more experience. yay

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    Which is why a lot of us usually start with a shitty Job and then end on devRant complaining about it
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    Internships if you're in school or startups if you're not are good ways to get your foot in the door. Probably not quality experience, but that comes with time anyway.

    Also if you have no experience, that qualifies you for anything requiring 2 years lmao. Job postings always exaggerate what they're willing to take.
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    The first job is always going to be shitty, unless you eat some ass and get into FANNG early on, but then it's just a different kind of shitty.

    Welcome to the devWorld, You either eat it up or shovel it somewhere else, but either way it's full of shit.
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    @CoffeeSnake i graduate this year - have internship experience and a few shitty full time offers which i AM grateful for, of course, because something is better than nothing, i guess. but the heart never stops wanting more </3
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