I think i like the new Galaxy S8.

I will probably buy it. But, even thinking of buying such an expensive phone makes me feel guilty.

Maybe it's because i can barely afford it..

I guess i have to live with this guilt :/

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    I can't upgrade until the end of 2018, that is unless I pay my phone off early. I did just get a new job so we'll see lol
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    It looks beautiful, but it's Samsung, I really don't trust them.
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    My personal experience with Samsung is bad and that's what keeps me from even thinking about buying another product from them.
    I don't know how their Android will perform so I would wait if I were you.
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    @byIcee never had a good experience with samsung. Currently rocking that Nexus 5X 👌
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    @Dacexi Nexus 6p here :D
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    OnePlus 3T here. Consider it too!
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    The one plus 5 is coming out soon, I'd say wait for that and spend half as much probably
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    @kaniciwah don't you mean 4?
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    Always hated Samsung, but I really like this S8.
    Not gonna get it tho. 😛
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    OnePlus 3T here, I'd rather get that than a samsung.
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    I own a oneplus x.
    Its been a good experience so far with oneplus. Its solid.

    If i needed a new phone i would go for the oneplus 3T. The only thing that bugs me out is the size. Why all phones nowadays has to be that big?
    I hate apple, but the iPhone5 is still the best in size.
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    @Dacexi No, the coming addition to one plus series will be one plus 5, and not 4. Following the concept that number 4 brings ill-luck in Asian tradition.
    Atleast that's what I have been hearing.
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