So I wanted to learn rust, and I was thinking: practice is the best way so naturally I went on to leetcode

After spending 4 hours to solve two questions I was like: fuck it, why do I need to go back and forth to the discussion page, why not just show it to me.
So now I spent 4 days to develop a chrome extension that shows the top 10 solutions in the discussion page for a specific question with specific language.

I showed to friend and she was like: you look at the discussion?

The moment I realized that I developed a hot pile of garbage

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    If you find it useful, I'm sure someone else would.
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    🤔 Hmm.. I don't understand..

    So people shouldn't be looking at discussion?

    I always looked at them because I am too lazy to develop my own answer. Or to just get an idea how to solve it.
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    @cho-uc they tend to spend some time trying to solve it on their own then either find their solution slow or gave up, then they look at discussion

    Vs me who just look at discussion like 5 mins after reading description
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