I hate Windows 10 from the bottom of my heart.

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    Is Windows 11 really that good?
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    Windows should not exist beyond very basic computer literacy programs for senior citizens, and that should have stopped too after (generously) 2010.
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    This is what I always think of when I think of Windows.

    I also chuckle knowing that fat fuck broke his ankle in this clip.
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    Windows 8 was worse than Windows 10 for many things.

    I am finally used to Windows 10. Now they are changing it to 11. I am pissed and don't want to upgrade. They are up to their old games trying to trick you to upgrade.
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    You can't "hate" Windows 10 if you ever witnessed and used Windows Vista or 8, you can only "not like it"
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    @webketje Don't forget cluster Windows ME.
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    there's a cure for "hating windows 10 more than anything". it's called "installing windows 11".
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