Eu was sorting out the rules for Carbon Tax.

It decided that private jets, private yachts, and "leisure flights" will be exempt.

Because of course. Normal people are not, and never were, the clients of this system.

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    Surprise surprise surprise
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    All hail our rich overlords
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    EU still wants people to travel between countries and slowly merge cultures, so the exemption to "leisure travel" doesn't surprise me at all.

    Also most private jets are not private, but registered to a limited liability entity, therefore are not exempt.
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    Gotta get to those climate summits to discuss the carbon taxes somehow amirite
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    The whole european continent could go 100% green but while Asia and America keep pumping out their shit, it'll make little difference.
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    C'mon man dont be populist. Don't simplify complex problems. You totally glance over things like what immense ripple effects in the market Europe going totally green would have. These things are for example if a large coal producer stops breaking coal it will have major impact. Or how more installs are pushing down the price on solar and wind technology making it much more interesting in other markets than EU(that one is already happening)

    Don't simplify things, since you hang here I know you are smart enough to see the flaws in the argument you present
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    @ojt-rant still. somebody's gotta start.

    or, alternative, we could all just decide to switch our world economy over to "palliative", hedonistically live the fuck out of every single day, and celebrate the inevitable end of humanity.

    i'm doing my part to stop this world-fuck-uppery, but TBH i'm fine with either option.
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    @HitWRight I hate the idea of merging cultures. It's a destructive effort.
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    @ostream yep. it'll never end
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    @G4nin0 sure but you said all of that using a computer that was probably made in China
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    @tosensei unfortunately those of us who try to be greener are having zero effect on communist China
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    @ojt-rant oh, but you're wrong - if nobody buys cheap, child-laboured, badly designed electronics or plastic toys or such from chinese, coal-powered factories, this will have a _huge_ impact on china. because that's basically all that china is doing.

    (also: compared to the USA, china is actually very green. as is every other country.)
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    no, not "leisure travel".
    leisure FLIGHTS. that's when you go fly a plane for the enjoyment of flying (meaning PILOTING) a plane. like when you ride a horse. you're not riding to anywhere, you end up where you started, because the point was riding the horse.
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    @Midnight-shcode Then the EU is truly retarded
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    @HitWRight Ja, fucking newsflash.
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    @tosensei feel free to boycott all of your computer devices then for ever. I'm sure everybody else in the world will follow suit.
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