I've said this before, but i always get the spot I'm hoping for. there was one time i got rejected though.
i met a colleague during the interview process, and really thought he was getting that spot, he was much more qualified than the other participants. there was about another 4, out of which 3 still looked like good competition. the 4th one got there late, couldn't form a coherent sentence to save his life and had no job experience.

guess who they picked :v

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    They picked you.
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    @Demolishun honestly can't even say "i wish", because I don't. they made the mistake of letting the og dev write the app in Vue and 2 months later he quit. they couldn't find anyone who used Vue at the time, had to start everything from scratch šŸ¤”
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    So what made them choose him?

    *Asking for a friend* šŸ˜¬
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    @cho-uc no clue honestly. i often wonder if they didn't hire my friend because of his accent tho (he's from a region that suffers from a lot of prejudice). maybe they just wanted a doormat employee, he looked really easy to step on šŸ¤·
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    A dress policy for SWE?! šŸ˜­

    What's this dress policy?
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