Which language should I learn first? I have been trying to learn js and sorta have some basic stuff down like how to store and reference variables and how to display outputs, but aside from that I don’t really know much else. I was wondering if I should continue with js or switch to python or c#, my classmates have been talking about python being the future so idk.

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    depends on what you want to do, but i'd say pick whatever suits the task

    if you want to do webdev, stick with javascript

    if you want to be miserable, go with java

    and no, python is not the future
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    As usual, I'll ask a a counter question: What do you to do?

    Websites, frontend or backend? "Artificial Intelligence" (not a beginner's topic!)? Smartphone apps, iOS or Android? Desktop programs?
    Most languages are better for some fields than others.

    Maybe you don't know yet and you just want to do things together with you classmates?

    Ultimately your initial programming language does not matter that much because once you you understand the core programming concepts, it is not difficult to learn another one.
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    There's no right answer here.

    Everyone starts off with something they can find easy to understand.

    In the grand scheme of things, what is it you want to use programming for?

    <insert response here>

    Based on that answer, we can definitely point you in a more targeted direction.

    On a side note, Javascript and Python have been around since the 90's, neither of them have an end of life in sight.
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    @swagnette python is strong ;b
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    @darkwind hopefully not the future tho :D
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    Just for learning I recommend Ruby. It's the easiest to understand.
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    doesn’t matter learn data structures, algorithms and design patterns, if you want to know how computer works learn one from c/c++/rust
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    @GyroGearloose Ruby is way to orthodox for a beginner coder
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    @12bitfloat Ruby? Orthodox? 🤔

    Ruby is pretty unorthodox in… honestly? most ways. It’s alien, and very beautiful. That’s its appeal.
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    @Root I think @12bitfloat meant unorthodox…

    I really, really like unorthodox languages, but so far I haven’t found the appeal in Ruby. I’ve tried, I’ve really fucking tried, but I can’t bring myself to think of Ruby as anything else but an amusing curiosity.
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    @100110111 I get it. I haven’t figured out the appeal of Haskell, either. Or C#. Or Python. I’ve certainly never understood the appeal of PHP.
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    @Root to each their own. I just think it’s great there are so many different languages people can effectively pick whatever they find appealing or make the most sense to them.
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    @100110111 Absolutely! It’s totally incredible how many and how varied they are. I love it so much.
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    @Root the diversity is also a big reason why learning new, different types of languages is so gratifying. One often also ends up learning new ways to think in code.
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