What is it with web devs that can't write effective PHP applications that don't need a 1 GB of Memory Limit?

Where are the days that 32MBs of memory was fine per request? Ugh...

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    I’m asking myself the same thing… they keep saying that if the customer doesn’t notice the service they are using getting slower, it’s ok to not optimise your code for performance. And that using more memory doesn’t matter since memory is cheap.

    I do agree to a point that unless performance critical, you should only optimise your code for performance as long as it remains readable. But I can tell that in 9 out of 10 code reviews I point out easy-to-do performance optimisation opportunities that do not decrease the readability of code.

    And when it comes to memory, my counter argument usually is simply: why waste resources?
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    @100110111 In the end, it was just about the customer either not knowing the implication, not knowing alternate options, or just not caring.

    Turns out that only one tiny sub-part of their app actually needed the 1GB limit -- Product Feed generation, which is understandable, dealing with large amounts of data and all.

    Sure, it probably *could* be further optimized, but hey... At least now, I was able to raise the limit only to one specific URL and leave the rest of the web that actually gets public traffic on the default memory limit.
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