A rather happy/neutral post this time for a change. Lol

Firstly the good news: I have successfully recovered from the emotional/mental abuse and have been doing really well. My faith in myself has been slowly restored.

Secondly, I have started to pursue my hobbies again and find joy in them. I spend more and more time listening to music and play video games (CS:GO and AoM).

I have started getting more sun and also spend time outside socialising.

I can sense my happiness and joy get restored in my life.

Now on career front, I have started job hunting again as you all know. The interview process for Product Management is absolutely broken and taxing to go through all the loops.

During all my previous job hunts (three times), I was able to nail down at least one offer in a quarter.

This time, I started in October 2021 and still no success. I have much more experience and skill-set this time yet failures.

Fear not. My optimism is back this time. I am aware of where I am going wrong and sometimes I feel the situation is truly out of my control. The two major reasons I forsee are:

1. Relocation: it can take few months for me to relocate to UK/EU and hence, companies are preferring local candidates.

2. My duration with current employer is just 8 months which could be a potential turn off for many HMs. They might think I am a job hopper and maybe one of the reasons why I got so many calls and opportunities at my previous employer (I was stable with them for 7.5 years).

I feel it's just the matter of time for me now where I must hold my horses and keep the momentum without losing hope.

I will win.

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    It’s good that things are getting better for you. Hope something comes up soon. It’s definitely worth persisting with global companies, probably the easiest way to relocate.
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    And don't forget that the Pandemic is an excellent excuse to "why did you changed jobs and why want to change again so soon" - pandemic headcount cuts and now post-pandemic opportunities!
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    @UnicornPoo yes, global companies are more supportive because they have time and resources for it.

    However, one obstacle I forsee is alignment with the role requirments. Like for a dev, tech stack is important, for a PM the domain expertise or prior experience is needed.

    Since, I have been in B2B space, my hit rate is higher on that front.

    @JsonBoa Yes. That's one area I am unsure when asked for why you want to switch your job. Though I have a solid and authentic reasoning, I am sceptical it might not be working. I'll stick to the current reasoning, unless you or the community can suggest a better reason. Open to ideas.
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    I'm a ecstatic for you Floyd.

    I'm glad you feel things are looking. Good for you man.

    Stay in the zone.


    Dammit, slipped into advertising mode again.
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    @Akselmo Thanks bro :)

    @Wisecrack as always, you are awesome. Thanks pal :)
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    ratio + L
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    @BearyBeaar What does that mean?
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    @Floydimus thats a monke moment right there
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    You are not likely regarded as a job hopper. One recent change and looking just means this was a bad fit.
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    @hjk101 I am using this as one of the reasons to justify why I am looking out so soon.
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