Went in, done everything perfectly, they want me in… cool.

“We know you have a 2 months notice, but could you boil it down to 2 weeks?”

“I uh… no… not really, I have tasks to pass and I doubt the company would like me to just rush out like that…”

“Come on, just stop working and tell them to fire you”

“I… no? I told you I have an important role it would be irresponsible to just leave like that… assuming they want me out that bad…”

“Okay then give notice and we’ll send you the contract”

1 week later, fortunately I didn’t give the notice

“Aaaah regarding the contract… we are postponing it for 4 months cause we needed 2 roles and we decided to hire the other role as we wait”

2 months and a half later, still didn’t give notice cause the postponing was a red flag

“Aaah sorry buddy the budget is not enough but we have to wait 3 more months cause investors moved the payment to January”

Never heard from them again… fortunately I didn’t give the notice and I started to search another job after the 2 months and a half thing.

Remember: until the contract is signed, nothing is set in stone.

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    @rEaL-jAsE I don't agree. Not all startups are bad. I grew in a startup and not only was the company close to the cutting edge where possible, the processes were pretty open and communication was top quality.

    You can get great experience in a good startup. You might need to put in more work and jump roles, but that's part of the large experience boost you get from them. It depends on the people in there obviously, some are closer to scams than companies :(
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    @Hazarth generally the last sentence applies to most of the crypto ones *coff coff* what was I saying? Ah yes, lovely weather
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    @piratefox Amen to that brother!
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    @rEaL-jAsE Yes startups suck donkey dick, I worked in two startups and both were run by greedy cheap ass mfs and you had zero benefits, large companies imo are much better.
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    I also started at a startup and it was still the best job to date
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    Companies of all sizes suck. I've worked for a couple massive corporations and several startups. There's been good and bad in both. On this topic, I had one startup tell me "you don't have to give notice until we've cleared your background check and everything." I've also had corporations tell me not to give notice. I also have heard of companies that do that as a "test" to see if you'll do it, because they don't want you to do it to them.
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    @aBrokenDonut which one, out of curiosity? Are you guys doing well? Totally rooting for you, any positive work environment needs to make it! ;)
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    @piratefox oh sadly the start up went under sadly enough.... Still vriends with them though.
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    @aBrokenDonut sorry to read so :(
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    @piratefox it was a great experience, learned allot, made friends, learned to follow my dreams and I am still doing so, it was not in vane
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