Had given my laptop at the repair store. They were just suppose to do a checkup and then give a choice on whether to repair or not. They repaired it and charged me 2.8K. No unit replacement or anything, just service. I didn't mind it (was actually happy seeing my laptop boot up and not have a blank screen). It's a dual-boot (Windows/Antergos(Arch-linux)). It booted to Windows instead of GRUB. Didn't care too much, because it had happened before and I had handled it.
After I take it back home, I discover that the WiFi doesn't work (it doesn't even seem to be a driver issue). Live boot of arch doesn't have access to WiFi either. Reinstalled GRUB, only to discover it doesn't boot successfully (issues with video card). So, now I'm stuck with fucking Windows WITHOUT WiFi and an arch-linux that doesn't fucking boot.
Gonna reinstall Arch now.

P. S. : Windows is super fast, because I haven't really used it and don't really like using it. I feel very limited by Windows.

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    It seems you have hardware issues after service, if you paid 2.8k for it I wouldn't reinstall grub (as most of the times this will void software warranty and service will be anal about it)

    But, as wifi doesn't work I would take it back and force them to fix it under service warranty and I would not pay not one more cent!

    They probably swapped the graphics card and ruined the wifi antenna
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    @mmcorreia It's already outta warranty. Service was done by third party. Good suggestion, albeit.
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    2.8 k usd for repair?! I'd rather buy a new one
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    Unless it's Acer 21x, I'd forget about the laptop
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    2.8k what? USD?
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    @HoloDreamer @falmesino 2.8K INR. (My bad, shoulda mentioned that.)
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    Update: Attempted reinstalling Antergos. Same fucking problem. Issues with AMD GPU. Spent about two hours in a chroot environment attempting to install proprietary drivers. Definitely learnt a lot about pacman, arch and other shit with 0 fucking end results. *sigh*
    I hate this, but I'm considering Debian/Ubuntu. My hate for Windows is definitely more than Ubuntu.
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    @darkness every time you pay for a repair service is it to your car or to your computer that repair comes with a 6 month warranty by the entity who made the repair.

    This is to prevent the third party to create an issue and make keep on paying... It seems you have hardware problems... They are obligated to fix it
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