Started a side project.
Learnt flutter and firebase.
Started coding app.
Four months pass by.
App is mostly ready.
Wakes up on Saturday morning.
Updates Android Studio and SDK because, why not?

Build failed!
Dependency depreciation warnings!
Java errors!
Firebase errors!
Emulator stopped running!

Wify is angry with me as we planned shopping but now this. Fortunately, she's also in IT, so she understands..

FML! Spent the entire day stackoverflowing and fixing errors!

8PM evening, I am back to Friday's status. My shoulder and neck hurts but my mind is chilled.

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    Ah this is such a classic :D

    Don’t update shit unless u want a feature from the newer version or there’s a vulnerability. Plus alwayyyssssss test in an isolated environment.

    Had this happen to me with docker. Updated my docker desktop client which updated the underlying engine and borked my build. Had to manually reinstall 3 different versions until I find the version that I was on. I couldn’t remember :D
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    @darrenrahnemoon I disagree with this mindset, Life is much easier if you keep up to date with at least the latest lts version of things.

    Sure it’s a pain in the ass to update for a one or two but I promise it’s much worse and much harder to update 100 new dependencies.

    I work for a start up, and both of the clients we picked up have really REALLY outdated projects that we are banging our heads against the wall trying to bring up to date for performance, and security reasons.
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    @TurtleTheDev hmm yeah you do bring up a good point. I guess it’s a healthy balance of both not being too hyperactive and not too far behind.
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    I completely ageee with you @TurtleTheDev, I've been working on a couple React Native projects and it's absolutely hell to bring everything up to date because just so many packages haven't been updated in forever. It likely would have been easier I'd we'd been on top of it all the time instead of once every 2 years.
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    this is why I prefer stable shit where an update comes once in a blue moon or when a vurln shows up
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