It can’t be only me.
Long story short. A second grade classmate suddenly reconnects with me. We talk about this and that, exchange some memories, the usual. 20 minutes into the conversation… she goes: Can you do a website for me for my….
I hate these kind of people, I mean you have a better change just telling me without the foreplay, it’s just making me angry.

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    I’d just get up and leave tbh
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    some people are really shameless about this stuff. i think some favors are fine but mostly when it's something relatively easy or they really need it, and idk it's someone you at least talk to 😂

    ffs an entire website is worth so much time and money, what an asshole
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    Say yes and tell her how much it will cost. No mates rates applicable.
    Treat her like any other customer if you’re not that close.
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