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So this recruiter from AWS reached out to me for a SDE job. I said yes I’m interested and scheduled an interview. She didn’t show up. I politely said would you like to schedule another time 30 min after the empty session was over. She said yes. Then the day after she sends me a message saying they can’t hire students. (I’m 20 yo second year electrical engineering student but I have decent dev experience ~3-4 years) I tell her I’m not planning on continuing with my 3rd year next fall. She says no I’m hiring from the “industry only”. And I try to tell her I’ve never had an internship before and all of this work experience is all by myself and not university related….she stopped responding…..what am I supposed to do? It’s not the first time that this has happened. They see “graduating 2024” they immediately bounce. I tried hiding what year my university education starts/ends….didn’t work…

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    Few points, are you applying for an internship or job?

    When you say 3-4 years dev experience, is that solo or in a job? There's quite a bit of difference.

    That said, it's a bit unprofessional for mess you around like that.
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    No it wasn’t an internship. And yeah not counting solo. I get approached by SMEs a lot but this was the first time a FAANG hit me up. She got my hopes up lol
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    @darrenrahnemoon fair enough. FAANG will hire without a degree (not easy to get the job still), so strange that they're giving you the runabout.
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    Got an interview with shit social darwinism principles. Interviewers expect me to show those shit principles through past experiences. They clearly have a spreadsheet to fill out. One of the interviewer tried to help me and remind me all the shit principles.

    One of the interviewers were arrogant dismissive shit head who probably put in 0s on his spreadsheet before the interview started.

    I have gone through many interviews. The interview from Amazon is one of the most stupid one. They don't know how to ask the correct questions and can't answer basic questions related to their job.

    I personally will never go through their shit recruiting process ever again
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    The AWS recruiting process is garbage. With that being said, I've seen a few phishing attempts from "Amazon" recruiters. They'll say they're recruiting but then their email is @amzon.com or some shit.
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