> phone rings during worktime hours
> "Yeah, I was contacting you on behalf of YADDAYADDA, I just found your CV in our database and I wanted to know if you were open to work for us"
Excuse me, how long ago did I submit my application?
> "Mmmmh... it says 2020"

What exactly am I even supposed to answer.

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    It depends on if you want the position or not
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    "Do you think I can afford to wait for your reply for 2 years? In this economy?"
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    The same happened to me, except that it was the same company who called me multiple times throughout 2 years, and every time I said I was willing to make an interview they never called me again until 6 months later to repeat the same call
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    Haha I still get contacted about a CV I had in 2015 😂😂 fucking thing. Also there’s this company called bullhorn? It’s a mailto mailing list for recruiters and I’m 100% convinced this fucker is sharing my contact details out and there’s no way to contact them to delete them
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