So I’m tryina put together a resume and I see a lot of dev résumé talking about increased revenue from x to y or user base from z to w.

What I don’t understand is while yes the user base did increase from z to w it wasn’t just you that caused it. The entire company was working hard at it to get there so why are u claiming that it was you. And apparently recruiters love these kpis that u make out of your ass.

Should I give in and just put them in there anyway?

I worked in a startup so my job didn’t really have a definition of what to be told to do and do I had to deal with building front end with vue to figuring out how to automate our deployment flow and it’s really hard to quantify my performance like sure 3000 tickets solved but u don’t know what portion of them were full blown features what portion was just a one liner.

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    I would not give in. In some sense, you also need to filter the recruiters based on their targeting habits. Or depends on your aim. But statistically, if you advertise yourself through values you care about, then you have a better chance to work with people you will like.

    I would simply focus on describing your soft and hard skills and your experiences.
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    As a dev, I think you should talk about dev or technical metrics.

    Generic resumes: worked on AWS to build the database server.

    Well any Tom, Dick, or Harry can do that. How did your expertise make a difference?

    Web search: Google's XYZ resume format.

    I am using it and it works wonders. If you cannot find the article, I can share it.

    Also, you can fake those numbers to some realistic extent.
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