some call
- yo bro do you have some time ?
- quick cause I'm taking a dump
- I think I have been hacked, got black screen kernel panick, linux freeze seldomly I have to reboot, no internet connexion
- save your stuff and reinstall linux
- I don't have enough stockage to backup
- Then buy one and save, probably either OS is fcked up or you have some hdd problems

Time that it will take: ~30min to reinstall whole shit
Peace duration: ~2years

Later on the same day
- I can't log into windows
- Did you change the password ?
- Yes but it does not work anymore
* looking at shit
* logs successfully. Reason: interface changed after automatic update.
* wait.
* wait some more so fucking windows fucking starts
* Desktop is ugly as fck.
* Some stupid settings messed up (like high contrast set, black theme or so)

aunt (the same)
- I can't log into my (other) laptop either
* logs
* wait more more more

Guess what: automatic updaaaates. Freezes 100%cpu

* Being a very experienced user: wait before reboot because this suckass os will probably fail to boot otherwise
* Blackscreen with a percentage: Installing updates...
* reboots
* Blackscreen with a percentage: Installing updates continuing...
* finally boot (feels like a miracle windows succeeds lol)
* still slow
aunt now sleeps
* look at running process and install programs
* sees shits like camera recognition (vendor installed), candycrush
* occasionnaly get adds

time lost: 2h
peace duration: ~3month

FFS I am a dev, not a fucking trash lover
It is already pain to fix someone os, but windows is the cream of cream

It brings no ease of use for novice user
It is so insanely slow
It has stupid settings set up by default!!!!!!!! Who FFS wants candycrush and ads
The maj are so fcking hazardous. It is 2022 pretty much the same as 15y back then. Updates take fucking eternity. And needs reboot. and are not even finished!!!

I swear I am gonna stretch my ass and install linux and any fckin other toolsuite needed so they can use Micro$$ word, which is the only fucking usecase they need windows for in the first case anyway
I SO wish this OS would die

I mean, even more than safari

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    Yeah, Windows start menu reminds me of a 2000 website stuffed with colorful gifs and ads that don't Match the theme

    It's dreadful
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    Yeah the updates are ridiculous. The Windows filesystem is broken and cannot replace DLLs that are in use, so it copies the updates into a hidden location, then copies them to their place upon booting.

    Everything takes painstakingly long and doesn't even work if the machines aren't online for 2-6 hours, says Microsoft (see https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/...).

    Since MS axed their QA in 2016, the users are now the unpaid beta testers. The start menu sucks, file explorer search is broken, it's a shit show.

    I moved most of my family to Linux Mint and don't care about Windows problems anymore. Don't want Linux? Then fix Windows yourself.

    P.S.: the "devrant" tag is for stuff about devRant itself, not "developer rant". Since there are only devs here, no finance, HR, and sales folks, every rant is a developer rant.
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    When I read rants like this I often wonder how.

    I have used both linux/unix and windows for close to 30 years and I regularly have to help friends or family and sure there have been the occasional more serious problem, though those have often bern hardware related like hdd.

    And when its been software the graphics drivers have been one of the main culprits.

    And yes, windows updates used to take time 15-20 years ago but lately thats never been a problem, sure they often recommended restart but its less and less.

    So I always think, is this more of a user problem?

    Is it that the knowledge of windows is so much less than with the linux system that mistakes are made?

    Because if windows really was so broken and buggy companies would not stay, the cost of maintenance would be to high.

    And at the same time, linux for personal use works if either you know quite a lot more than you need for windows OR your needs are very basic and you could just have bought an android pad or chrome book and it would be enough.

    So its quite alright to complain when things break, but before calling it all to be broken you need to consider the whole picture.

    Apart from phones and tablets, windows still outnumber linux on desktop by like 20 to 1 or more and I am prepared to bet quite a lot that the linux user base is a lot more tech savvy in general than the windows base :)

    And still the world keeps running.
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    1- After 7 (?) years of windows 10,not a single uodate chanfed the login interface

    2- candy crash, it's a uwp app: doesn't automatically run in background and doesn't use resources when it's not in use

    Try again
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    When you think about it, Companies don't really have much choice (or it's expensive to switch) so people and users are really kinda held hostage by windows (not by microsofts direct fault, but they do hold somewhat of a monopoly now)

    Software was already written for Windows, Stuff like .NET, Adobe suite, Office Suite, Plenty of game engines, video software, audio software, drivers for a lot of HW... It's easy to just ignore Linux and never give support to it... which in turn means that Linux is not getting popular because people can't do their jobs on it or companies would need to retrain their employees... which again in turn means it reinforces the monopoly and extends it to 3rd parties... so what you end up is Users being essentially required to use Windows and not even consider options cause there are non for many cases...

    so companies using windows doesn't really imply causality of windows being a good OS, the devil is in the detail here imo
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    @Hazarth the city of Munich actually switched to linux for several years but found that while licensing was cheeper in the end they switch it all back due to complaints from users and problem with maintenance.

    A problem with that there are so much less users of linux for desktop has the result that less combinations are tested snd installation programs might not be able to handle as many varieties as in windows.

    Microsoft actually spends quite a lot of work on supporting software developers to get things working.

    And while linux is much more transparent, meaning that when there is a problem, its easy to find the solution if you know how to look.

    But most desktop users would not be able to do that.

    So whenever there is a major installation of linux desktop there are also lots of more problems.

    I think that with ms now offering netcore natively on linux we actually might see more programs going cross platform which could be the thing making linux desktop more viable :)
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    @Voxera Munich switched back because Microsoft relocated their headquarters so that they would pay taxes in Munich. There were no particular problems with Linux given the size of the organisation, and most of the problems that did exist were organisational in nature. Actually, Munich is switching back to OSS again after the political landscape changed in the 2020 elections.

    By contrast, the French gendarmerie has been using "GendBuntu" since 2008.
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    @Fast-Nop interesting, thats not the story I read when they did it but probably true, economy is often at least one driving point :)

    And I am all for more competition :)

    The stagnation of IE when they had no competition was a painful period and one of the reasons I keep using Firefox, there needs to be an alternative even for chrome.
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