It really sucks when you join a company, you are really excited and then you see that the management and the work culture in the company sucks and you cant wait to leave...such a waste of time and energy :'(

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    This is why I’m extremely wary of jumping ship at the moment… I’ve found a company where the work culture, management, and office atmos is diamond, so while the pay’s shit and I keep getting recruiters approaching me with quite interesting opportunities with around double the pay, the fact that I mostly have nothing besides the pay to complain about makes leaving really hard. These things matter, a lot.
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    @100110111 yes for me job satisfaction, work life balance and good work culture matters a lot, i hope i find a good company soon...
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    @svartgulag I wish you luck.

    From what I hear, it’s not a given. Also, it seems to depend a bit on the local culture as well. Like, in my country in general work life balance and work culture are generally something we culturally value a lot, which seems to correspond to a smaller number of companies exploiting their employees’ time beyond the legal 7.5h/d. And those who do usually have a strong public backlash against them. We have a cultural work ethic to work hard and be proud of our work, which does also lead to people working longer hours. But that’s okay only and as long as it’s the employee’s choice to do so.
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    @100110111 thanks a lot bro, i really need some luck, it seems only bad things are happening to me these past few weeks...
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    Ouch, I am in the same boat as you. The people in my team are nice, but management is grinding my gears. I'm on the verge of losing my mind, but I can't find another job, because my skills suck.
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    Same boat as you. I joined a company with great reputation only to find out that everything is fake. People pretend to be happy, micromanagement is at its finest. This Friday is my last day. First time in my career I couldn’t even finish my probation period and I had to quit.
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    i think i wrote this same post 3 years ago lol
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    @dissolvedgirl hey dont worry, keep making somr personal projects, brush up your skills WHILE applying :) best of luck. I was scared of redux but i started working on it and ultimately i understood it and started applying it, it was really an eureka moment, now i can brag about it during the interviews and the interviewer is like 'okay okay thats enough, you know it i see' haha
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    @PappyHans i am so sorry to hear this...i hope we both gets good jobs soon :)
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    @darksideofyay haha it really sucks you know...i have already told my inlaws that i joined this company, they dont know i left it haha, i hope i get a new job soon :p
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    @svartgulag i left within 4 months and saw people come and go within that period. one gal didn't even last a month
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