Waiting for Apple to deprecate their iOS Safari and finally let people install real alternative browsers on their iPhones. Suckfari does not support aspect-ratio either, coincidentally spend hours to find that, now struggling with 100vh and -webkit-fill-available.
Microsoft at least left the choice to install something else besides Internet Explorer before they finally pulled the plug and provided Chromium Edge. Safari isn't the new Internet Explorer, it's worse.

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    I think the new "we would like to hear what you don't like in safari" tour is gaslighting.
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    What’s wrong with iOS Safari? I know the desktop version isn’t that great, but so far I’ve got nothing bad to say about it on the phone… and what do you mean ”let people install real alternative browsers”? You definitely can install and use other browsers on iOS? It doesn’t seem to me like it’s Apple’s fault certain browsers don’t have iOS versions available, since you can find a bunch of alternatives to Safari on the App Store. So what’s the deal?

    Edit: I don’t get your problem… getting UIs nice and responsive on iOS Safari is in my experience much easier and less painful than doing the same on some other browsers, let alone Android…
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    @100110111 on ios everyone has to use the safari engine. The only thing that they can change is the design.
    The safari engine on ios has many disadvantages compared with the android browser engines.
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    @stop didn’t know that. Makes sense tho. What are the disadvantages tho?
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    1. Apple disallows alternative rendering engines.
    2. Apple does not update older phones, so on an iPhone 6 Plus you won't ever get anything more up to date than iOS 12.x with AppleWebkit/604 or 605 which is quite old for a device that is still working well in any other aspects.
    Apple does produce high-quality hardware, so I can still use a 2010 MacBook today (and on macOS I'm able to install Firefox, Chrome, Vivaldi if I don't like the outdated Safari version), but due to that planned obsolescence, the devices get more and more useless due to missing software updates.

    I don't know if "jailbreaking" is still a thing to root and upgrade your phone, like I did with Samsung phones to use newer unofficial Anrdoid versions in the past.

    But yes, that's why Safari sucks!
    The latest Safari versions might be catching up with new features, but you have to develop for outdated Safari versions like we had to do for Internet Explorer all those years.
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