Internal users are the worst. They act like you owe them the world. STFU and read the goddamn documentation.

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    Sales: But, I don't know what to do next?

    Dev: Did you watch the well versed and explanatory video you were sent?

    Sales: Err yea, still don't know.

    Dev: Sends link to video with skip to part they need.

    Sales: Oh, I didn't see this

    Me: 😓😵‍💫 farkchoooo
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    @C0D4 In my case, it is other devs 😭
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    @devdevdev29 RTFM.

    I say that at least once a day.
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    Users can read?

    Easier to just assume they can't, and make your icons bigger. When the monkey can no longer imitate the picture, simplify the picture.
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