You know that Elixir takes documentation very serious when you only have around 120 lines on a Module and 110 are from documentation.

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    @Letmecode is it, really? How fucking obscure do you have to write 10 lines of code so you need to explain it with 110 lines of description ...
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    @Letmecode bitch please. If your code to docs ratio is always 1/11, you are over explaining yourself. Now if you are writing a public interface, that is different and you would beed to explain that.
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    @Letmecode what I'm saying is not specific to the language. It is about comments. Having a constant ratio of 1/11 is a lot.

    When I say an 11 inch screen is too large for a phone, I dont need to know everything about that particular phone. I just know it is too large to fit in my pocket and hard to carry adound.

    Besides, I am not criticising the language, it doesn't force you to write 11 times more explanation, it is up to a developer to decide how to explain things. Also I like documentation which clarifies how something can be used. But as a developer I would rather read something short and to the point, not a novel.
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