A story about the shittiest boss I ever had.

We were a consulting company, I was leading the dev team. We're on the phone with a client who needs a change to the software we're maintaining for them.

Boss (mouthes at me): How long?
I (hold up 3 fingers, mouth back): 3 days
Boss (to client): You have it by tomorrow. *hangs up*
I: What the actual fuck?
Boss: You said 3 days, 3 times 8h is 24h, better order some pizza and Red Bulls for your guys.

He pulled stunts like this all the time and yet genuinely seemed surprised when I quit.

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    What a stupid asshole.

    Btw., the devrant tag is for stuff about devrant.com itself. Since there are only devs here (no HR, finance and sales folks), every rant is a developer rant.
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    haha this seems like a good rule of thumb: when you start doing hackathon shit for your employer, you know its time to leave
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    @aaronswartz It wasn't long after :-) Also, to be clear, no pizzas and Red Bulls were ordered and nobody worked through the night.
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    @Fast-Nop Ah, thanks, makes sense.
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    This is how you end up with developers that exaggerate time estimates constantly.
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    @AvgCakeSlice This is also how you end up with the highest staff turnover I have seen and I've been working in this industry since 2001.
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    @aaronswartz or the time to ask for 20k$ upfront before starting to work for 24h straight or try to fix his own self-inflicted fucknugget mistakes... depending on if you need the money.
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