RethinkDB is such a rediculous overengineered BIGGEST BULLSHIT I HAVE EVER UNFORTUNATELY USED.

Does anyone even use this total shit????

This shit eats RAM memory for just 1 CRUD operation as if you opened 10,000 google chrome tabs. Who the fuck thought that kind of technology is a good idea?

Yes it IS very fast, a real time database. But you'd have to have a multi-million dollar supercomputer to be able to handle so much data like a relational database can....

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    You might be using it for something it was never intended for...

    You need to rethink how you're using your database.

    All jokes aside, if you want to see a REAL streaming pile of shit DB, take a look at bigchaindb.
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    Quick read... It sounds more like it's a vvery special database with an highly specific feature set.

    One of those databases where - if I'd been asked to support it / integrate it - I would expect a very lengthy and detailed report on why.

    Report meaning more than 2-3 pages with technical explanations...

    That it eats RAM is no wonder in my opinion given what it does and how it works.
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    Do you have too many connected clients to receive real time feeds? Otherwise, there is no reason why it would bloat up unless there is something basically wrong with the setup itself
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    Well, it's still faster than a blockchain.
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    Trading storage space for speed can make sense in specific cases.
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