Do you devs spend on learning ? Like paid courses etc. Or not at all ?

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    Though I pride myself on being able to learn the material just as well on my own.
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    Yes, buying books in humble bundle.
    If there is a specific book I need I often turn to piracy, though.
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    Our Employers has a Floating Licence or something where you will get access to PluralSight Courses for a month or two
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    I thoroughly enjoy them.

    a) Learning

    b) Paid

    c) Increases my value

    d) Makes job easier at times
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    If I need it now, I'll pay for it.

    I've only done 1 course before but had the company pay for it, best part of 10k I didn't need to spend that way.

    But otherwise there's enough free material out there or a pdf version hidden on the internet somewhere if I'm not in a rush.
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    I like to pay for my learning, I’d just like to have more time and energy to actually learn the material I buy
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    For asap learning I take courses since that is a fast way for me to learn. (pluralsight, egghead, udemy). If it is just for fun there are a lot of programming books you can download to your tablet for free, search you programming language and o'reilly.
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    I buy books, yes. Many good courses are free of charge anyways, so no need for spending my ”hard” earned munny on those.
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    I learn by books, docs and practice, and I do practice at work and in home pet projects
    I don't hesitate to spend some money on books.
    Because I have fetish for hardcover books
    And because my eyes relax in hardcover books
    And because comparing to the amount of learned material from the book... The price is super cheap.
    If the book is not present in hardcover version being acquired in less than 5 days...
    Then I pirate.
    If I can't pirate too, then I buy digital copy. (Happened only few times so far)
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    The best teacher are usually sideprojects that get me into rabbit holes where I cour the internet, try a lot of stuff out and get to sleep at 6am.

    Had this yesterday for example. Now know how to easily figure out whether a host/ip is IPv4 or IPv6, can filter for a specific one and learned more regarding DNS SRV entries.

    Also may be checking how to create a otb (opentype bitmap font) for something something private web toy.
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    Its even better if you are getting paid to learn.
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    Yes. I'm a lazy fuck, reading source code takes too long, and good documentation is rare.
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