This doesnt even need a comment. Send email to noreply email and wait for reply to come? WTF?!

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    Implicitly saying you've been banned forever
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    If your repo has 10+ dotfiles in the root, I automatically assume it's an overengineered piece of shit. Forem currently has 26.

    Additionally, if your commit messages contain emojis, it's a clear sign that you value flashy bullshit over functionality.

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    @hitko may you elaborate?
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    @macfanpl Open the link I posted (GitHub repository for Forem). This one product which consists of a server and UI somehow manages to use just about every tool out there, puts all those configs in the root of the project, adds a ton of meaningless emojis to commit messages, even uses multiple tools to do the same thing just in case some developers might prefer podman over docker.

    And you're wondering why this mess of a product asks you to send a mail to a noreply address.
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    Also for anyone who wants to tell me how maintaining open-source projects is hard, just stop. Maintaining any project is only as hard as you make it, it's the maintainer's fault for letting the project become hard to maintain.
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    @hitko. I wholeheartedly agree with you.

    In fact because Forem is a mess, we decided to fork it, and - at least try to - make it simpler.

    Check it out: https://github.com/labspl/forem-ng

    We changed the name, because original creator ( Ben Halpern ) emailed us and he was angry for forking HIS project; generally he talked BS, but - for the sake of sanity - we changed name.
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