I worked at a startup. They wanted to "save" money. So they hired a relative of "Fred" named "Bubba". Bubba made a custom website. Like hand built gifs and who knows how hand crafted html. It was fine for a time. Then somebody was wondering why nobody was calling us at the company. No customers. Another relative named "George" (who was actually a business major) looked at the website. It had been hacked and replaced with Jedis fighting Sith Lords. Me and another engineer named "Zeus" said "fuck this shit" and said "we are redoing this shit".

So I logged into godaddy (I know, shitty) and installed Wordpress (kinda shitty). I proceeded to turn wordpress into a half decent page. Wiped out the shit that was there, reused images as it made sense. Created more images. Reduced images to 80% quality to take loading size from 10MB to <1MB. Then I also proceeded to do SEO work and get the website listed properly within about a month. Customers started calling all the time. I had a simple contact form that barely gets any shit on it due to captcha. The was 5 years ago. I left 3 years ago (still help them on weekends) and nobody has done shit with the website. They are still getting calls and it hasn't been hacked.

We don't talk to Bubba. He didn't know what the fuck he was doing. I wonder if he still does websites for his relatives. I honestly had no clue what I was doing, but my take on the approach was easier to maintain and even George and Zeus and the new manager "Ralph" can maintain it, kinda. Went from shitty static website to full on dynamic and interactive. Yeah, I know, "dynamic". But the manager was happy.

Sometimes you just do what you gotta do in addition to doing all the electrical and software engineering for a company.

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    That was a surprisingly positive and wholesome story. Nice. I was expecting some kind of twist.
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    I find it funny that all your colleagues have dog names :)
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    @mcalis the twist is Demolishun and co didn't know their WP site got hacked silently and there is a new guy now calling him another Bubba
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    @asgs I know they hired a company to do their IT just recently. So I checked the website. It is all changed. It is now a .... wix site ... w...t...f... lol
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    @Demolishun way to go, huh? 😀
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    Lmao, you know you done fucked up when someone comes along, replaces your Website with WP and it's actually smaller, faster and gets hacked less frequently.

    With all my hatred for WP i can only be amazed what kind of pile of shit the other website must have been :D
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