I want to make an AI bot from scratch. Where do I start? Which languages should I know? What IDE should I use?

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    If AI bot as in chat bot then try this
    It surely will help you start
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    Localhost. Python. Vim.
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    Machine learning.
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    Maybe start with something simple?...
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    You should start with Neural Networks (Machine Learning).
    You should know Python.
    You can use any IDE wich supports Python.
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    - www.google.com
    - Language X
    - IDE Y that supports language X
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    AI is not a language or a framework that you can pick up, read the documentation and start coding. It is a concept that is built upon programming and mathematics. There are 2 routes you could choose:

    1) Start by freshening up your high school mathematics knowledge: Probability, Statistics, Basic algebra, Matrices.
    Move on to the very basics of fundamental calculus.
    Start by learning the most basic machine learning algorithms: Linear regression, Logistic regression, Gradient descent algo. Move on to neural networks.
    You could enrol for a MOOC on coursera or udemy, if you have the time to do so.
    Then pick up python, learn numpy and pandas.
    Then model an input-output flow, design an AI model, find a dataset to train your model, train your model, test your model.
    Your IDE could be anything from vim to atom to jupyter notebook

    2) Skip all the above bullshit, go to youtube and search for "Siraj Rawal". He'll teach you to create an AI based chatbot in 10 mins using python and TensorFlow.
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