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    If (thatDude == drunk){
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    P R I V A C Y ❤
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    Anything can be "AI" if you use tensorflow, even a binary classification #2018
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    #Anti-Joke Chicken
    Oh come on. It's hardly something with sharp boundaries. Binary classifier, yes, but those can be pretty damn complicated.
    I'm more interested in how they get the training data.
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    Why does everbody rant about something even they don't know about.
    It IS AI. But it isn't ML (Mashine learning).
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    @LinusCDE under your implied definition of artificial intelligence the if statement is also an AI in and of itself.
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    @jdatap Only if they're complex enough. Before all the NeuralNetwork-Stuff came up, every bot in a game could be called an AI with no problems.
    Since AI is only a artifical intelligence (ai) it can be called such if it shows some sort of intelligent decision making. No neurons, nodes or matrixes required for it.
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    @LinusCDE bots in games were not powered by nested if statements the length of your arm...
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    @jdatap Yeah. They have switch-statements too, more complex apis with different layers of abstractions, various goals, knowledge of the current map and the excat postions of all entities.
    But in the end the same since the only destinction is between simulated neural networks and everything else (e.g. crappy ai = bunch of if-statements).
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    @SoulSkrix Thats a good point. But it isn't that AIs back in the days where shit.
    The statement 'just a lot of ifs' is more of a insult used for really crappy AIs.
    I mean if everyone thinks of all AIs like this, just ask them how it would be without their e.g. CSGO-Bots . Those technology will never die out and still have a purpose, even with ML, DeepLearning, NeuralNetworks and all those other mostly buzzwords. (I know those eords certainly have a purpose, but so does BlockChain)
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    @hugh-mungus no. That is simply a particular type of AI, built on machine learning techniques such as reinforcement learning.

    AI is anything to do with agents that can make decisions - whether the agent is a simple if-else statement or a huge complicated deep neural network is completely irrelevant to the definition. The textbook I'm going through starts with agents like "if current tile is dirty, clean it and move to next tile".
    Look at the AI modules built for games - a lot of the time they actually are simple decision ladders or tree search based algorithms.

    Src: Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach by Russell & Norvig.

    Edit: what @LinusCDE was saying, basically.
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    @kalex He is right, that's a set of nested if statements.
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