Following right people on Twitter can make a lot difference.

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    Even better is having no Twitter at all
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    All of the below are my own unpopular opinions:

    1. "Following the right people" usually represents an echo chamber. What even is the point of other people if I cherry pick the ones that already agree with me?

    2. Apps like Twitter are specifically designed to make you scroll and scroll and scroll ad infinitum. It's banking on information dependency and I can definitely spend the time better improving myself rather than salivating over other peoples opinions and emotions.

    3. Tons of people report leaving social media has been a net positive for their psyche... I wonder why... In the end it's not like twitter is the source of cancel culture right?... right?!

    4. The entire format of "micro blogs" is ridiculous. Forcing you to "blog" in such a short format means you have to already pack each message with as much emotions and opinions as possible. imagine the difference between writing 280 words about wordpress and 280 chars.... Which one do you think is going to be more objective?
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    Ive shut down my Twitter and started over months later to be tailor who I follow.
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    Yeah, following the right people is the key, I follow the startup owners, investors, senior developers. Some things are very interesting threads and models they share.
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