Why, for the love of all that is good, does anyone still code for absolute placements in css?!

I've spent 90%+ of my time lately making some changes, which is about 20x harder than it needed to be because this app (written in the last 1-3 years) has all of the styling set explicitly. How does anyone justify that?

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    Cheap employees?
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    @gosubinit I honestly think it was just laziness
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    @dootlurk did they know well about relative positioning, flex, grids and decent testing? Does the company have peer review practices? Lack of knowledge is a common thing, there is a gazilion of uneducated devs out in the market.
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    @gosubinit I have no idea, it was in the mysterious time before I arrived and the people still here were keen to tell me it was someone long gone lol
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    Hey, there is a p missing in "20px"!
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    Eversince CSS-Grid and Flexbox have become a thing, "position: absolute;" should rarely be used...
    I know so many front end devs who "hack" CSS together without properly understanding the different positioning concepts and when to use them.
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    @PonySlaystation so. Much. This.
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    @dootlurk It's mind boggling how "simple" CSS seems to be, but how hard it actually is to master!
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