#fuckapple for holding back the open-web. Most folk don't know that Chrome on iOS is just Safari with a skin; neither Google or Apple want you to know that.

If you hate web-apps on iOS, that is Apple's intentional doing. Apple cannot allow a bug-free and modern browser to run on their iOS devices, else they lose their 30% tax + dev fees cut. There are literally so many crippling bugs in iOS Safari that it HAS to be intentional.

There are email exchanges between Phil Shaffer and Steve Jobs from years past, where Phil didn't believe Apple could continue to gouge users 30%. He argued the open-web would make native apps largely redundant, and so to stay competitive, they'd need to drop the store fees to something reasonable. I suppose Steve Jobs saw a different solution -- just impede browser development.

As someone who develops free and open-source apps, I believe I am doing the world a favour by not supporting a native iOS app. When users complain about missing features in the web-app version, I tell them to take it up with Apple or buy an Android. Guess what? They sometimes actually do just that.

Join me if you have the balls. Tell Apple to FUCK OFF the only way they understand -- threaten their bottom line. At the very least, you'll never need to touch XCode again if you do. If time is money, that alone will make you wealthy.

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    Apple is trash but I don't think we can do much about it. For example, my current job has a ton of users in iOS.
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    not gonna lie, you had me at #fuckapple
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    Your approach not offering a native iOS app could be the opportunity for an iOS developer to just fill this gap. iOS Apps usually create more revenue because Apple users are used to spend money for apps. And if you live in a country with strict and complex regulations (tax, distribution, consumer rights, …) the 30% for Apple may be cheaper than hiring someone for regulatory affairs. Greetings from Germany

    PS Nevertheless, PWAs on iOS would be great
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    So steve was a POS all along. Another legend looses my respect 🙄
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    The web is a shit platform for apps and that‘s not because of Apple and not because of Safari.
    The fact that so many apps have problems with Safari is just a proof of how shit the web really is for apps. Safari is NOT full of bugs, it does what browsers do: It serves as a browser for websites and does it according to the standard. It does things differently. And because of that, people are crying because their shit doesn‘t work like it does with all the other browsers. It doesn‘t work because you developed it for those browsers and browsers are different. Now you can cry about the fact that browsers are so different but it only proves my point: Yes, they are different and shit for apps exactly because of that.

    And btw, I hate Safari, too.
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    @Lensflare "it it does that by standard"

    "It does it different than other browsers."

    These are diametrically opposite statements.
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    @Wisecrack absolutely not. The standard leaves a whole lot for interpretation. But of course it‘s easier to just scream "full of bugs" and "the new internet explorer".
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    Funny that many devs here still blame ie... But they defend safari... Probably they got stuck in 90s, that's what they deserve
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    I used to be all "fuck apple" but that was because I was a contrarian and wanted to rebel.

    Now I have an iPhone 13 and I loved it so much that I had to block every app to the point where its barely usable.

    Now you have me feeling more conflicted than a. . .Serial butt slapper who has changed her ways at a Brazilian fitness model meet.
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